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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone therapy is a complete mind body and soul treatment and can deeply relax and balance the body and assist healing to take place. Depending on the needs of each client, cold stones can also be used in isolated areas. The use of warm basalt stones applied to the body can relax the client at their deepest level.

This treatment can be given in several different ways, but one way is to being with you being wrapped in a towel and invited to lie down on several warm, smooth stones arranged and possible also covered with a towel, for your comfort. While the heat penetrates your body, you will be given a Swedish style massage, probably with aromatherapy oils. The stones should be hot and relaxing. Hot stones will be used to massage arms legs and back.

The heat from the stones can help to regulate blood flow. It can also help to rid the muscles of toxic waste products, which build up from stress and bad lifestyle habits. Stiff joints can benefit from the penetrating heat, making this an excellent choice after exercise or any physical work. Hot stone therapy can also help relieve many ailments and disorders.


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